Monday, May 29, 2017

A Note to Young Father's and Mother's

I just attended the 2017 FPEA conference. It was wonderful.  I was astonished at the young Dad's and Mom's there. It is a wonderful thing. I just want to take a moment to write to them......

Hello young Dad and Mom. 
You are soon to be a parent. Maybe you have other young one's. I saw you there, at the home school convention. Searching, wide eyed and curious. Overwhelmed and confused. I wold like to take a moment to say it's going to be OK. You are way ahead of the game. However, I beg you to take this time, this time when they are little to thoroughly enjoy them. Their education will come soon enough. They will show you who they are in the next few years. Please don't miss it. Take time to play, laugh, read to them, tickle them, run with them, swim with them, snuggle with them. It goes really fast.
 Too fast.

I hardly remember our now 24, and 20 year old sons youth. I have to go look at pictures. They were fun, energetic and fascinating little boys. I LOVE being a mom of these 2 young men. I too was worried about their future, I thought too much so, I missed out, I was obsessed with their education. Now they are remarkable young men. Honest and true. 
They "Return Home with Honor" every day. 

Now we are also a parent of an 11 year old young lady, a budding computer engineer. She is quiet, calm, peaceful and very smart. Too smart for me for sure. I am having to get to know her. She is nothing like the rest of us. She is tall and beautiful. She is growing way too fast. I'm trying to hang on, I'm trying to make sure I remember her childhood as it too has swept by too fast. She still likes to snuggle, she really loves her Dad and big brothers. 
They are her whole world. They are her "Hero's". 
I couldn't be prouder. 

Life sweeps by in the blink of an eye. It washes past you when you're not even looking. Dad's and Mom's of little's, enjoy them now. Please. There will be a moment, you will turn around, and they will be grown. 

Adult life will come soon enough. Have fun with them. Lots and lots and lots of fun! I know they for sure will remember that most of all!

This Safari is awesome. Just take time to relish in it.  

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