Friday, January 27, 2017

On Safari to Indiana

Howdie from Indiana. 
It snowed yesterday and last night. It's very pretty outside. It's quiet. The birds and squirrels and running all over the cold ground. They are happy and super healthy. The cardinals are just beautiful. There are two pair sitting in the tree together. The possum that my parents leave food out for has waddled up and taken his treat. It's peaceful and they live in unity. There are no qualms about who is where. 
This is how I wish we would live. Knowing that we all have the same blood running through our veins. Knowing that we love our spouses, our children, our pets all the same. 
However, it doesn't seem to be that way. Friends are separating, families aren't talking. It hardly seems worth it. I know that there is nothing that would separate me from those I love minus death. 
What if you couldn't talk to those you were fighting with ever again? What if they were gone? Would you remember the fight or the hugs, would you remember the anger or the love. 
I am going to choose love. 
We are a home school family and I have had a hard time believing the anger even in the young children. They only repeat what they hear. What happened to protecting them? 
This year has already been quite something. Moving to a secluded beach house is certainly appealing. That is not reality. We have to learn to live together, we have to love each other no matter what. I know I am not always the best example of this but, this is the only way. 
I pray your family is peaceful. I pray you are not angry or hurting others due to the current political theme. I pray that you'll go play in the snow, run to the beach or just have a good meal and laugh with those you love!

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