Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fighting for Our Son

My disclaimer is that this will come as a shock to some who may read this. However  we all have things that no one knows we are going through. 

 Today has been a very hard day. We spent the morning in court yet again with our oldest son. You may want to know what he did however, it is not my place to share. We are fighting for his life against a corrupt and unfair system. You are guilty until proven innocent. There is nothing you can do but hire a great lawyer and pray. Don't believe me? Look at the conditions the world. 
Our son won the battle for today. His lawyer is great! We are blessed to be able to afford him. However, there are so many in that room that cannot afford council. They pray for a decent judge and that the prosecution will be merciful. It is a roll of the dice. They leave crying and broken and if I'm lucky I can hug them and tell them that we will pray for them. I also try to tell them they can make it through. 
Our faith in the Lord is what gets us through. We believe that what has happened to our son is unfair, unjust, entrapment, Let's just say it ISN'T OK! They have you between a rock and a hard place. If you are charged with a crime you are GUILTY unless you can prove otherwise. It rarely happens. The best you can hope for is a plea deal. If you go to court and hope for a fair trial that rarely happens also. Social media and the media in general have made sure of that. I for one have turned off the news.
Most crimes carry a mandatory sentence so if you are convicted then you serve the max without parole. So you plea, you settle for the less of the evils. You pay for counseling, probation officers, courts costs, lie detector tests and anything else they see fit to charge you with. Then, you serve your time and hope that when you are done you are really done. That can change also. If they deem it necessary to keep you.
The court rooms are so sad and they are full of bailiffs that can't wait to jump on you for most anything. Even you are just there to support your family member or friend. It's unfair and I think they have too much power. Power that over time we have given them.
So I am a mom of a young man walking through hell trying to behave enough to get him through the other side and into freedom. The day that happens will be the best day of his and our life. Until then we will bow down, lay low and pray that each and every day he is ok. Some days I wonder how any of us are ok. 

God is our only hope and inspiration. I have no faith in this world or the system. Only God.

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