Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Well we survived Hurricane Matthew. It caused a a lot of panic and tension in our house. We planned, preped, and we were ready.Then the storm came. We had 9 dogs, a kitten and 6 people. Our oldest son was the only one not with us. He fared well too. 

It went smoother than we thought. The power stayed on. The trees shed dead limbs and the pine needle flew. However, that was it! 

After the storm I looked back on Facebook. I was shocked! The only thing I read about , after everyone telling us they were ok were political slams. I'm not talking about the adds, those are bad enough, I mean slamming one one another. It made me sad and frustrated. Didn't we just survive a Cat 3/4 hurricane? Didn't we come out on top? How can you forget less than 24 hours later that millions of lives were in danger. 

Haiti lost hundreds of people. St Augustine Florida is flooded through the main streets. I love ST. Augustine! People are without power, some without food. People are still in shelters. 

I would love to think that we just don't think about others when the going gets tough, but a lot of us are proving otherwise. We ran right back to our everyday lives and began complaining again, putting others down.

So, here's my Fall resolution. I am going to surround myself with positive people. If I find the the majority of talk is negative or hurtful I am saying goodbye. 

We have been through a lot these last 3 years. I am grateful for every day together. Every meal, every hug. 

Hurricane Matthew came and went. Let's be grateful we are for the most part ok!

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