Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sometime there's Joy and Sometimes there's Sadness!

In this single day I have seen so much emotion. I have one friend and family that are getting ready to launch in to a crazy great period of their lives. Their struggle has been very real over the 4 years that we have known them. We have seen them go through ups and very low downs. Now they are on the upswing and joy is abounding! 

Another friend is coming to the end of what appears to be a painful decision and lots of people are effected and hurt. I know that it isn't easy for any of them. 

Life is like that. One minute you can be laughing and carrying on and the next it crashed in to small pieces to small for you to pick up. 

However, it does seem to even out. Just when you think that it's not going to get better it does. The sun shines, your favorite meal is on the table, there's beverages in the fridge and your favorite ice cream in the freezer. If you are really lucky your pool is welcoming you to come and sit at the end of the day. There are friends and family to talk to and over time joy finds it's way back in. 

I am grateful for the hard times. They make the good times so much better.

Try to find Joy. This is my hope for you today.

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