Thursday, June 2, 2016

On Safari

This year has been a whirlwind. We moved for the 11th time in our marriage, we faced a lot of challenges with both school, business and our personal lives. I have been ok most of the time however, yesterday something in me cracked a little. I turned on worship music, cried and wondered why some things happen the way they do. 

I do not often blog about extremely personal things here but I feel the need to let you know I am just like everyone else and I struggle with the same things everyone else does. My faith, believing that life is fair, hoping for the very best for our children. I hope that the world is a good place over all. I don't always believe those things. I know God is in control. That propels me forward.

Summer vacation for us starts in 3 weeks. We are traveling with 3 out of our 5 family members. I wish we were all going, I wish we could all be together but we can't. There are things I life that we have to face and unfortunately that means my husband and oldest son stay behind to work.

Our family is my main priority. I have stayed at home all these years to home school, support and take care of all of them. I often get asked why? Why didn't I finish college, why don't I work, (I work my tail off here...:), I always answer the same way. 
I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

It is a privilege to be a wife and a mother. It is a privilege to cook, clean and take care of them. 


If you are an at home Mom/Dad and the world tries to tell you that's not ok do not listen. If you are a Mom/Dad that works and juggles it all you should be so proud of yourself. No one journey is right for everyone. We walk our own path. God's path for us.
The most important thing is that we support one another. No matter what choices we all make we must support one another. 

I'm On Safari. On Safari to where and what we will see. 

My husband says the Safari is the best part. So far he is right. 

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