Saturday, June 18, 2016

On Safari to Father Day

Tomorrow is FATHERS DAY! 
We are very excited around here. We are giving Steve a car he's always wanted. Now please do not think that's a common occurrence. In fact it probably won't happen again. It's just a great series of events. This car was my Dad's best friends, he passed it onto Caleb our middle son, and now it's being handed onto Steve. He has always wanted a car to work on and this one's already here.

I really love this man! He has been my partner in life for 27+ years. Almost 25 in marriage. I cannot even begin to tell you everything we've been through. He's faithful, hardworking and just plain funny.
(Shhh most people don't know that :)
Our kids are blessed to call him Dad. 

This isn't the car. Although I know he'd fall over! :)

Happy Fathers Day Steve . We love you!

The other man in my life is my sweet Dad. He's a retired Navy Captain among about 100 other talents. A girl could not be more blessed than me .....

He's in the middle in the back. Along with our part of our great family.


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