Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On Safari to Find Kindness

Lately our world has been full of anything BUT kindness. It makes my heart ache and my smile turn upside down. The constant chastising of companies that don't do what we want, politicians that are seemingly off their rocker, world events that pit people against one another. 
We should be standing together, working together, and loving one another no matter what. 
Jesus said go into all the world and love!


He didn't put any stipulations on this. He didn't say, if we behave, if we are a certain color, if we are a certain race, if we are male, female or anything else. 


I will continue to love on this Safari. Love those that are seemingly unlovable, shop at places that may not always be popular, visit places that others won't, invite in the people that are not like us. Who knows what we will learn. It will surprise you!

This Safari will continue and kindness will be our guide. 

I invite you to join me!

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