Friday, April 1, 2016

On Safari to N. Ft. Meyers and St. Pete Beach

This week Alice and I went on a mini vacation. We headed out Monday to North Fort Meyers to visit family. The first evening we went out to dinner at "Joe's Crab Shack." It was a fun meal. We ate things we do not normally get. Fried calamari and shrimp. 

Beautiful sunset over the Ft. Meyers waterway.

The next day we visited a town called "Ave Maria." It is a town built around a catholic church. It was built by the owner of Dominos Pizza. There is a University there also. 

On Wednesday we decided to leave. We headed up the coast to the St. Pete beach area. We stopped before the sky bridge to check for a room. 

We were amazing to book a room at the beautiful "Don Cesar." It is our favorite place!!!
(I booked the room for 1/4 of the price. Last minute get aways are perfect for finding just the right deals.)

 The view from our room!
 Lunch View.
 Curried steam muscles with cashew butter sauce.
 (I could have drank the whole bowl!)

 Carrot cake with caramel and chocolate raspberry sauce.
 A very happy pair!
 The view from my chair by the pool.
 Happy Momma......
 Alice playing in the sand at sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.
It was a beautiful and relaxing mini vacation!


  1. Alice is growing up so fast! I still remember stopping by your yard sale in the Pines, right after she was born, and holding it was yesterday.

    1. I know :( She will be taller than me in a year.... Miss you Trisha.