Friday, March 4, 2016

Last Fall

I was not going to go backwards to review anything but I have to brag on a hotel that I and a great friend stayed at. It was the  Intercontinental Hotel In Tampa. It was amazing.
We were two mom's taking a girls trip with our two girls. We started out at Cracker Country, at the Tampa Fairgrounds. We needed a good hotel to rest after a long hot day.
We were greeted by two very nice Valet's. They made us feel instantly right at home. We also found out one of the young men was home schooled :) . Then we went to check in and our room was ready. 2 hours early might I add. When I checked in they were so happy to see us at their hotel. They told us they usually have people on business trips checking in. They were happy to see our girls and comped us valet parking and gave us free breakfasts. All worth probably around $100.00. They have a pool on the roof and the girls were thrilled with that also. The views were amazing and the pool was very nice.
We went to dinner at The Columbia that trip also. When we arrived back at the hotel the manager noticed my daughter was walking a little funny. I told him she was chaffed from the hot weather and all of the walking. We proceeded to go to the room and get everyone ready to settle in for the night and there was a know on the door. It was THE MANAGER WITH A FULL NEW CONTAINER OF POWDER! We were so taken aback. What a nice place!
I would highly recommend this hotel. I wish we had stayed here last weekend. If you choose to go you will not be disappointed.
Breakfast was wonderful and check out was at noon. It was a wonderful leisurely morning and we enjoyed every moment.


  1. It was especially wonderful traveling with you and our girls!