Saturday, March 12, 2016

Follow Up to Field tripl Fridays

Hello! Yesterday was AMAZING! 
We went to Disney Springs to visit guest services. Last year we had annual passes to the Disney Parks here in Orlando. (Did you know if you have passes here that they are good all over the world?) We had a falling out because of how we were treated at one of the parks. I had called to express my concern. They customer service rep o the phone gave us an amazing deal, and yesterday it got even better! Guaranteed last years pass price until May of this year!
I was very excited. I am a park person, my husband not so much. 
(We own a landscaping company and once the hot weather hits he and our sons work 70 hours a week. So I look for local things to do with Alice , she's 9, so that we can be here to make meals and keep the house running.)
When we got tot he representative she sweetened the deal even more. She basically charged us the lowest price possible. I was never rude and never upset. I know that this was a huge factor in reconciling. 
I was going to go home after that but our Alice wanted to go ride a ride. So we headed to Animal Kingdom and rode Everest.
Our field trip Friday turned out better than we thought.
We are very blessed.

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