Saturday, March 26, 2016

On Safari to See "Zootopia"


This was a very cute movie. It was not hokey at all. It was about believing in yourself and having the determination to be all that you can be.

It's fun that it came out at Easter time. 

Yes it sounded like an advertisement lol. However, it was a very cute movie with action and laughter. 
I highly recommend it :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

On this Peaceful Morning

It's a cool 58 degrees here in Orlando, Florida. Yesterday it was 89. This weather swing is cause for a day outside, a long sleeve shirt and a lasagna cook off with an out if town guest this evening. 
Hoping you are enjoying this weather as much as we are. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On Safari at The Coop

Tonight we had the privilege of going to a chef demonstration at The Coop in Winter Park Florida. Chef Whitney (season 1 winner of Master Chef) demonstrated craw fish mac & cheese with pemento, and white chocolate Benes. John Rivers the owner of the coop and 4 Rivers was there and was her sous chef. It was filled with fun stories and lots of laughs. We had a really great time.



On Safari to Epcot

It was a beautiful day!



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Skipper Canteen

     Yesterday we decided this week is Spring Break. We will be traveling around Central Florida for our mini vacation. Yesterday we went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. It was a very busy day there. A lot of the rides were having issues but we chose to enjoy our day in spite of the problems.

We ate at a NEW restaurant called "Skipper Canteen." It is meant for same day reservations and walk ins only. THAT A HUGE BLESSING. A lot of the restaurants are booked months in advance. 
The food was delicious. It's a mix between Africana and Asian. The flavors were complex and delicious.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Follow Up to Field tripl Fridays

Hello! Yesterday was AMAZING! 
We went to Disney Springs to visit guest services. Last year we had annual passes to the Disney Parks here in Orlando. (Did you know if you have passes here that they are good all over the world?) We had a falling out because of how we were treated at one of the parks. I had called to express my concern. They customer service rep o the phone gave us an amazing deal, and yesterday it got even better! Guaranteed last years pass price until May of this year!
I was very excited. I am a park person, my husband not so much. 
(We own a landscaping company and once the hot weather hits he and our sons work 70 hours a week. So I look for local things to do with Alice , she's 9, so that we can be here to make meals and keep the house running.)
When we got tot he representative she sweetened the deal even more. She basically charged us the lowest price possible. I was never rude and never upset. I know that this was a huge factor in reconciling. 
I was going to go home after that but our Alice wanted to go ride a ride. So we headed to Animal Kingdom and rode Everest.
Our field trip Friday turned out better than we thought.
We are very blessed.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Field Trip Fridays!

We love ourselves a field trip on Fridays! We go to many many different places. It's usually my daughter and myself. If we are lucky friends come along. Today Alice and I are off to
"Disney Springs".

Over the years it has been Lake Buena Vista, Downtown Disney and now Disney Springs.

After we will hit IKEA. I need a few things. 
There are a lot of benefits to living in central Florida. This is just one of them.

I'll do a follow up later today.....


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Occasional Home School Curriculum Review

On our Safari I will occasionally review curriculum. I do not often buy programs but I feel very strongly about Science. Our daughter is 9 and she loves science! So I just ordered this program to review. It should arrive by the beginning of next week. I will be in touch about it. Until then we are taking online classes as they become available for free. Today at 12 noon will be our first class.

It looks fun. We shall see.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Tahitian Inn

I have an update on the The Tahitian Inn. They refunded our money for the night. They were very sorry to hear of our disappointing stay. I a grateful and would be willing to give them another try!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Last Fall

I was not going to go backwards to review anything but I have to brag on a hotel that I and a great friend stayed at. It was the  Intercontinental Hotel In Tampa. It was amazing.
We were two mom's taking a girls trip with our two girls. We started out at Cracker Country, at the Tampa Fairgrounds. We needed a good hotel to rest after a long hot day.
We were greeted by two very nice Valet's. They made us feel instantly right at home. We also found out one of the young men was home schooled :) . Then we went to check in and our room was ready. 2 hours early might I add. When I checked in they were so happy to see us at their hotel. They told us they usually have people on business trips checking in. They were happy to see our girls and comped us valet parking and gave us free breakfasts. All worth probably around $100.00. They have a pool on the roof and the girls were thrilled with that also. The views were amazing and the pool was very nice.
We went to dinner at The Columbia that trip also. When we arrived back at the hotel the manager noticed my daughter was walking a little funny. I told him she was chaffed from the hot weather and all of the walking. We proceeded to go to the room and get everyone ready to settle in for the night and there was a know on the door. It was THE MANAGER WITH A FULL NEW CONTAINER OF POWDER! We were so taken aback. What a nice place!
I would highly recommend this hotel. I wish we had stayed here last weekend. If you choose to go you will not be disappointed.
Breakfast was wonderful and check out was at noon. It was a wonderful leisurely morning and we enjoyed every moment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trip to Tampa

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending our nephews wedding. It was at the beautiful Davis Island Garden club. It was right on an inlet on Tampa Bay. It was beautiful!

We had lunch at the original Columbia restaurant. The food was amazing. We ate tapas, cesar salad with grilled chicken, The Caesar dressing was made from scratch and you could taste the anchovies and Parmesan, lobster enchiladas, spinach artichoke and Parmesan stuffed mushrooms, and my husband had a ropa vieja(pull beef student onions Green peppers and tomatoes with a side of yellow rice and peas ), and the icing on the cake was the scallops Casimiro. Delicious!

Then we went to the Tahitian hotel. The room was spacious and clean. However the shower did not work, and the noise from the hall and in the room was very loud because everything was tile and there was no carpet. We slept fairly well. However at 8 AM the music by the pool was blaring, and even after putting the do not disturb sign on the door the maid knocked to see if we needed anything. I was tired from the wedding the night before and could not believe that this person not only knocked on the door she proceeded to laugh at me when I told her how rude I thought it was. I went and complained to the manager and his comment to me was oh well. Needless to say we will never stay there again.

Sunday afternoon we went to the MOSI Museum of science. That was also a wonderful experience. There is far more to do then even one day can entail. They have a ropes course and a zip line, they have IMAX theater, and they have various displays at come and go throughout the entire year. Our daughters favorite part was the butterfly garden. I highly recommend a visit to this museum if you have the chance. If you have a science center membership  elsewhere in Florida the MOSI museum is included in that reciprocal membership program.

Our Safari is over for now. I look forward to sharing what happens on our next adventure.